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OptiMiS TruLine is a technologically advanced hyperspectral module that may be attached to wide-field or multiphoton microscopes. This instrument is capable of producing a full set (up to 200 wavelength channels at 1 nm resolution; wavelength range between 420-650 nm) of spectrally resolved fluorescence images with a single excitation scan. The system combines this hyperspectral resolution with a photon collection sensitivity that is more than 100 times greater than any PMT-based multiphoton system available. Paired with a fast & highly sensitive EMCCD camera and employing TruLine’s line scan excitation configuration, a full line of hyperspectral image intensity data is collected in the time most other single point-based laser scanning systems are acquiring just a pixel’s worth of data. In just 10 seconds, a complete full spectral scan on a full image field (440 x 300 pixels) can be taken. Binning at 10nm spectral resolution reduces scan time to under 1 second. This makes the OptiMiS TruLine system one of the fastest multiphoton systems in the world for collecting full multispectral images of both living and fixed cells, including tissues where depth analysis is required. This ability to capture a full spectrum of available wavelengths at once and at relatively high scanning speed makes OptiMiS an ideal microscopy instrument for use in many real time imaging studies where simultaneous unveiling of multiple intracellular events is essential, especially those requiring single molecule sensitivity.

Hyperspectral Data Acquisition

Don’t be limited by bandwidth.

Capture the full spectral output (up to 200 wavelength channels @ 1nm resolution) in a single excitation scan providing unmatched spectral resolution.

A series of spectral images acquired at 1nm resolution showing gradual transition between red (actin), green (tubulin) and blue (DAPI). Note: The full spectral image set is here reduced in size & pseudo-colored to wavelength for illustrative purposes.

Sensitive & Efficient Photon Collection

“Letting single molecules shine”

Collect (at least) 100 times more photons over standard PMT-based multiphoton microscopy systems with our OptiMiS TruLine & EMCCD camera combination.

Fast – Single Pass Excitation Scanning

“Just once is all it takes”

Obtain a full spectral image in seconds rather than minutes. And do so without sacrificing image quality and clarity.


Optimis TruLine uses line scan excitation where an entire line, not just a single voxel, across the sample is excited simultaneously. A complete spectral scan (at 1 nm resolution) on a full image field (440 x 300 pixels) is acquired in about 10 seconds. Spectral scans at 2, 5, 10 nm resolution or on smaller regions of interest (ROIs) complete in even less time.



Pioneering New Directions

“Go where no one has gone before…”

Explore research directions never before possible. OptiMiS TruLine’s unique set of strengths makes experimentation with the once “unfeasible” now with reach.


[Chart on left: Highly sophisticated FRET studies of protein-protein interaction and quaternary structure determination is easily accommodated with the OptiMiS TruLine system]

Easily Affordable

Buy one system (or two) and have $$$ left for reagents and supplies.

Own a complete multiphoton system for half the price you may have thought possible.


OptiMiS TruLine is purchasable either as a complete multiphoton system with an inverted microscope, an advanced EMCCD camera and a femtosecond laser, or as core components to add to an existing microscope and other imaging equipment you may already have in your laboratories. A representative from Aurora Spectral Technologies will be happy to assist you in determining the most appropriate configuration for your imaging needs.