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Spectra-Physics Mai Tai XHP ™ Femtosecond Laser

This product from Spectra-Physics was exclusively designed for use with the OptiMiS system and is only available from Aurora Spectral Technologies.

Laser Features:

  • Completely automated one box mode-locked Ti : Sapphire laser.
  • Wide Tuning Range 750nm–1040nm.
  • High Average Power: >1.35W at 750nm; > 2.0W at 800nm; > 300mW at 1040nm.
  • Unique mode locking technology enables continuous wavelength tuning and zero re-optimization time; drop out free operation.
  • Outstanding beam pointing stability eliminates the need to realign external routing optics and guarantees optimum microscope output at every wavelength.
  • Incorporates new, ultra reliable Prolite diodes in an ultra-compact package (23x14x6 inches).
  • Has on-board diagnostic package.
  • Completely CPU controlled.
  • Includes rack mountable power supply, chiller, and rack accessory.

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