Thomas J. Mozer, PhD

Senior Adviser

For the past 30 years, Thomas J. Mozer has been leading efforts to identify and develop promising new technological advances into products and viable businesses. The technologies include development of new instrumentation, chemistry, molecular biology, and software for use in research products, medical devices, and medical diagnostics. Dr. Mozer was a founder and CEO and President of Nerites Corporation, a medical device company developing adhesives and coatings for use in surgery. He also founded and led the corporation Vysis, a leading molecular device company in the field of cancer and prenatal diagnostics now owned by Abbott Molecular, and developed the Genetic Identity business of Promega Corporation into a leader in the field of forensics and a significant corporate earnings and growth center.

Dr. Mozer has extensive experience in licensing and university/corporate partnerships, intellectual property development and management, and general operations in the setting of start up businesses.

Tom earned his BA in chemistry at the University of Montana, PhD in biochemistry at the University of Minnesota, and postdoctoral fellow at Washington University in St. Louis in plant molecular biology.